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The Knot Bad Massage Family

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Hi! I'm Marissa, I am the founder and owner of Knot Bad Massage. If you have met me, you know that I am an open book and I absolutely love what I do. I have a huge supportive family, especially my husband, that have been my backbone during this process of opening a Massage business in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. Knot Bad was created with my blood, sweat and tears, I have taken a risk... and have talked some friends into joining me. 

Meet our Knot Bad Massage Family, from left, Heather, Marissa, Stacy and Erica.

Marissa is Knot Bad's owner, she specializes in Deep tissue and triggerpoint therapy, along with cupping. Her massages are meant to make you a little bit sore, but a lot looser. She prides herself in being able to help her clients heal their injuries and hopefully, prevent more issues in the future.

As a small business, we really pride ourselves in creating a strong family that can take care of our clients with the utmost respect and empathy. We're happy to be a small business that contributes to our community and are always striving to create a great experience for all of our clients.

Heather has been with us since almost day one. She specializes in medium pressure, relaxing massages. She also performs reflexology. If you haven't experienced Heather's healing touch, you truly are missing a blissful, relaxing experience!

Stacy just joined us in September of 2021, although she's been a therapist for 7 years. She's a mix of both Marissa and Heather. The best of both worlds, she's able to apply deep pressure to help the healing process, but also gives a connected, flowing massage to help you relax. As the new kid on the block, she's picked up a ton of followers and left her clients happy and feeling great!

Erica is the little bit of sunshine that Knot Bad Massage needed, you may have received texts or emails from her checking in to see how you're doing, or if you'd like to join our amazing membership. As our practice manager, Erica has her hands in everything, other than massage, and helps to keep our business running smoothly.

Keepin' it Real

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     Being transparent and real is a priority for me and my business. I didn't want to use stock photos that show a perfect client, getting a perfect massage from a perfect Massage Therapist. I decided to keep it real, I had real clients, get real massages, in real pictures. The redness of skin, tattoos, blemishes, cupping marks, and background have not been edited in the pictures on my website. That way, my clients know exactly what to expect when they book with me. A huge Thank You to my amazing models.




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Nicole is amazing! She captured great pictures of me in action. I loved that she was on board with my mission of keeping my photos real. Nicole was fun to work with, needed little direction and helped me to represent a true view of Knot Bad Massage. Check out her other work at Nicole Carberry at Carberry Photography.

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