Our Team

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Marissa Modha, LMT.

Hi! I'm Marissa, I am the founder and owner of Knot Bad Massage. If you have met me, you know that I am an open book and I absolutely love what I do. My favorite part about Massage is that I meet people who are having horrible pain and an hour or so later, they are praising me, saying that I healed them! I love that I can follow my client's progress over time and can aid in healing both physical and emotional stress. Outside of massage, I have 4 dogs that are my babies and a huge family that loves and supports every crazy thing I do... Like opening a Massage business in the middle of a worldwide pandemic! Knot Bad was created with my blood, sweat and tears, I have taken a risk... and have talked some friends into joining me. 

Sam Brown, RMP.

In 2014, I graduated from High School with the idea of going to college to become a Physical Therapist. After completing an internship, I wasn't completely sold on that being my final career choice. I made the decision to enroll into classes for Massage Therapy, and never looked back. For almost 7 years now, I've been working with a range of clients that have made me love my career even more. I am very lucky to be in a position that I'm passionate about and grow with my clients in their healing journey. I can't wait to work with KBM and Marissa and meet even more wonderful clients. 


Keepin' it Real

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     Being transparent and real is a priority for me and my business. I didn't want to use stock photos that show a perfect client, getting a perfect massage from a perfect Massage Therapist. I decided to keep it real, I had real clients, get real massages, in real pictures. The redness of skin, tattoos, blemishes, cupping marks, and background have not been edited in the pictures on my website. That way, my clients know exactly what to expect when they book with me. A huge Thank You to my amazing models.



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Nicole is amazing! She captured great pictures of me in action. I loved that she was on board with my mission of keeping my photos real. Nicole was fun to work with, needed little direction and helped me to represent a true view of Knot Bad Massage. Check out her other work at Nicole Carberry at Carberry Photography.