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Making self-care a necessity, not a luxury


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Marissa Modha

Licensed Massage Therapist

     My name is Marissa Modha, I'm a Licensed Massage Therapist who has truly found her life's passion. I enjoy helping others, I do it in so many ways, but massaging is my favorite. I love when a client comes to me and says that they are hurting and by the end of their massage, they have no pain.

     I just started my own business this year, I am supported by an amazing family and friends. I have been lucky enough to meet great clients over the years that trust me with their friends and loved ones, which means so much to me.

     My dream is to open my own spa that provides massage to people who normally wouldn't get massage, I hope to make self-care a necessity, not a luxury.


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"Best massage I have ever received was with Marissa from Knot bad Massage. She has healing hands!!!"



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"Marissa is the best massage therapist around. She's professional, follows COVID 19 rules for her clients, on time, very personable...can’t say enough about Marissa as a massage therapist cause she is great at her job"


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"Marissa was phenomenal! I went in with total body tightness and soreness from lifting and I left feeling like a brand new person. One of the best LMT's I've ever worked with!"



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